Elian turns One!

And just like that, it’s the morning of Dec 27. I woke up today and gave Elian extra hugs and kisses as he slept. This time last year, I was still in labor. We were checked in since the previous day in St. Luke’s BGC’s high-risk pregnancy care. It wasn’t an easy birth. He was originally due on the 4th of January but God chose today to give us Elian. It turned out to be a blessing since we later on found out he had a cord coil around him which prevented him from going down and getting delivered. Thankful that we both were okay and I was able to give birth to him normally on this day.

So today, we celebrate! Our baby is no longer a baby and is already a Wild One! It feels just like yesterday when he was still tiny and colicky, and now here he is, already a toddler. The past year has just gone by so fast. All the cliches they said about time and kids growing up fast are apparently all true. He grows up so quickly and sometimes I just want to take a pause and enjoy a moment of him much longer before his look changes again and another stage comes up. That’s why we try to capture each moment with him as much as we can, hence the family shoot for his first birthday.

When I was choosing the theme for his first birthday, I wanted something unique that reflects his personality. And one of his favourite books, Where The Wild Things Are, seemed perfect for my little Wild Thing who prefers the outdoors, loves shouting and screaming lol.

This shoot was a collaboration between Happy Folks Studio and She Dreams In Ink who also helped us with projects for Early Bird Breakfast Club. They made everything beautiful for Elian’s birthday and we will always be grateful! Thank you so much to She Dreams In Ink for the lovely styling of this shoot and all the little details that perfectly carried out the theme. I’ve always loved Indy’s work and style and we were lucky to be able to work with her. Big big thanks as well to the team behind Happy Folks Studio who were all professional and just very easy to work with it. We just love how all the photos turned out! Thank you for these special photos to remember Elian’s milestone! 🙂

If you also want to work with Happy Folks Studio, you can contact them thru – ask.happyfolksstudio@gmail.com and 0917-8333980 and She Dreams In Ink thru – shedreamsinink@gmail.com 🙂

To our firstborn Elian, today we celebrate you! Thank you for the immeasurable happiness you give Mommy and Daddy! It’s just been a year and we look forward to a lifetime with you! We love you so much!

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