September Sunset

I often hear about Manila Bay having one of the most beautiful sunsets. I never really thought about it until last week when we stayed in Sofitel for my birthday. Staying in Sofitel made me appreciate the beauty of Manila even more. Manila Bay does have a beautiful sunset and I’m glad to have finally seen it on the eve of my birthday.

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Pink & Purple Sunset for My Birthday

It was a great idea to celebrate my birthday (my first one with Elian) in Sofitel. I’ve always wanted to stay here and try out their pool. I’m not so much into staycations as I’ve always been that kind of person who prefers being outdoors for my vacation — whether on the beach, sea, mountains or new city or place to explore. If we’ll be in a hotel I’d like to be out swimming or lounging while enjoying a scenic view. And Sofitel was just perfect for that. Its resort pool and sprawling grounds with a pretty landscape and the gorgeous view of Manila Bay gave us the feeling of being on a vacation 100% despite being in the city.

It was perfect for Elian’s first swim as well at 8 months. Since Sofitel was just about an hour away from our place, it was a convenient getaway that isn’t tiring for a baby like a real trip would have been. He really enjoyed the pool and the waterfalls as well as napping and lounging alfresco.

We also enjoyed Sofitel’s superb service. They welcomed us with an upgrade to their luxury room that gave us a great view of Manila Bay from our room plus some other birthday treats in our room and while we had dinner. Thank you Sofitel! 🙂

On the morning of my birthday, my boys greeted me with kisses in bed. It was just the best feeling ever to wake up on your birthday knowing you have nothing more to wish for. I have Ken and Elian and my family and they are all I need and more. I’m everyday grateful for them. I enjoyed the morning view of the bay and the Manila skyline as we waited for my mom and my nephew to join us for breakfast. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a good swim and lounging outdoors. It was a great day and everyone of us had fun! 🙂

I’ve celebrated my birthday in different places and in different ways but this one tops all of my previous birthdays. It’s one birthday that I just simply spent here in Manila with my family but it’s been the most meaningful ever as it’s the first one I have a family of my own.

As I said in one of my posts on Instagram, this is one birthday that I have nothing more to wish for. With Ken and Elian, my life is complete and everything else is a bonus. Thank you Lord for this!

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Thank you Lord for another year of life and my biggest blessings.

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