Boracay’s Back!

Early this year, in March, we brought Elian to our fave island for the very first time. Boracay holds a special place for me and Ken as this just has a lot of memories for us. It was to this island that we first went to along with friends right after our college graduation. It was both our first trip to Boracay then in 2005 and through the years of coming back here with friends for different occasions — summer trips, Christmas trips, break-up trips, wedding trips, we’ve seen the island change from great to good to bad and then back to great again. It’s also because of this island that led us to creating Lagu, the world’s first beach-friendly beach blanket that helps prevent sand-erosion and works to preserve the sand of the beaches like Boracay.

After it was closed last year for 6 months to be cleaned and revived, Boracay is slowly making its way back to the way it should be — a beautiful pristine paradise.

The moment it reopened to the public, we then decided to take Elian for his first taste of Boracay. He was excited the moment we got to the airport because he knows our journey to the island will comprise of 4 modes of transportation – airplane, bus (to the pier), boat (to the island) and van (to the hotel). So he was counting and ticking it off one by one as we went.

What made this trip unique from all the times we’ve been here is that finally we found a place where we can stay and relax and enjoy. Since most of Boracay’s beach front hotels are already old and needs renovation, we didn’t really have a lot of good reasonably priced options for our trips in the past. But this time around, we discovered Hennan Prime Beach Resort which is a newly opened beach front hotel at Station 1, beside Two Seasons (where we usually stay). And we loved absolutely everything in our stay with them! We got the room with a pool access and it’s good because our room was located by the beach and we no longer have to cross the road to get to the beach. Their other rooms are across the road so if you’re booking with them make sure to get the rooms by the beach. We also love that everything in our room felt so relaxing, luxe and clean. The beds were just perfectly cozy, Elian loved the bathtub, I loved the direct access to the pool and the warm welcome complete with balloons and chocolates. The staff were also super helpful and reserves us lounge chairs by the beach every morning. We had an amazing time and it really felt like a vacation, thanks to Hennan Prime Beach. The best thing is that it’s reasonably priced so you can comfortably stay in Boracay longer without spending too much.

Just writing about this makes me want to go back. There’s a certain charm to being able to enjoy stretches of soft white sand and being able to wake up each morning with the sand just a few steps away from you. Elian had so much fun that he keeps asking to go back. What even made our trip more special is being with our friends, my childhood best friends, Carla and Bianca, who also now have kids of their own. It was our first “family” trip together where our families were together and our kids were able to play together in the beach. It was a reunion of some sort since we don’t really get to get-together since we’re all so caught up in our new life as wives and as moms.

Boracay, this time around, is like our lifestyle now — chill and just purely for family time. It’s no longer crowded, no longer filled with parties and vendors by the shore. It’s back to being serene and just the way it should be.

We filled our days with milkshakes by Jony’s with a nice view overlooking the sea, had dinners and shopped at D’Mall, went resort hopping by visiting Crimson and Shangri-la. And just really enjoyed sunsets by the sea. We had the best time, as always, Boracay. Looking forward our next summer with you! 🙂

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