One Day In Notting Hill

When I hear of Notting Hill, scenes of Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant automatically come to mind. The movie has always been one of my favorite Julia Roberts films. So during our honeymoon in London, Notting Hill was part of the places I wanted to see. We stayed near Bayswater station and it turns out that Notting Hill was just the next station so it was pretty near our place.

I had no real expectations when we got there. I just thought that maybe we’ll get to see Hugh Grant’s apartment where they filmed and his travel bookshop where Anna (Julia Roberts) said her famous line “I’m only just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.” Well, I didn’t get to see both since I think it’s not there anymore haha! But I loved everything that we were able to see in Notting Hill! I loved it so much it became one of my favorite places during our trip to London. Why? Well, if you’re like me who loves quaint vintage houses, unique shops, colorful buildings and the like, well Notting Hill or Portobello Road is the place to see when you’re in London. It’s definitely a feast to the eyes! 🙂

IMG_2267 IMG_2269

IMG_2277 IMG_2275 IMG_2280

We didn’t know there was a street market in Notting Hill. We discovered that Portobello Market is a long stretch of street market and one of the most famous ones in London. Just walking along Portobello Road you’ll get to see unique items being sold — antiques, vintage pieces, collectors items, souvenirs, home decors, clothes, food, and a lot more! You’ll also stumble upon different concept shops, pubs and cafes.


This winding road is the start of Portobello Road.


Portobello Market.


Vintage trunks! ❤


Quirky signs and souvenirs




The hubby enjoyed Ben Sherman.


This little shop’s items are so me, Ken said this would have been my store if we live here 🙂


I live for chocolate :p


This shop had really nice home stuff.

I know I look like an Eskimo in most of my London photos but fall in this city is already freezing winter for me. I got my furry hat here in Portobello where vendors just sell it everywhere. I was grateful for it as it kept me warm and I love that I can get to wear these things here.


My fave British store! ❤ Piles of blankets on display to keep you warm in freezing London! 🙂


Lovely porcelain tea sets I wanted to bring home.


Yes, they’re serious about their tea.


My sweet tooth mantra.

IMG_2320 IMG_2328


How to keep warm while shopping in Portobello market? Indulge in a freshly made Nutella crepe! So yum! ❤


Oh happy me!

Ken also wanted to see the Museum of Brands which was also in Notting Hill. So after Portobello, we explored the area some more to look for it. We saw more colorful houses and buildings like this little pink one.


I match! 🙂


Mr. Branding does research on our honeymoon.


Found it!



Evolution of TV

Photos weren’t allowed inside the museum but it was interesting to see the evolution of brands and packaging from 1800s to present from all over the world. We actually found a Filipino brand inside, the House of Polvoron packaging! I wonder how it got there but we were happy to see something Pinoy representing us there haha!

That one day in Notting Hill was so much fun. I wish we could have stayed longer though since it was a long street and we didn’t get to see everything. We only got to stay a few hours since we had other things planned.  You can easily spend a whole day wandering from one place to another around Portobello. Wish we tried out the restaurants and dessert places around too. Notting Hill is definitely one of the reasons why I love London and why I want to keep on coming back. And having experienced it, now it means something more than just the movie. I definitely can’t wait to explore this place again! 🙂

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