Planes & Trains

Today, I write while waiting for our flight. We have a long travel time going to San Francisco from Manila. We’ll be flying via Eva Air and we’ll have a 5-hour layover in Taipei. Then once we get to SFO, we’ll go out for awhile as we wait 8-hours to catch the last flight to Orlando, our main destination for this week.

I’ve always meant to write about our honeymoon in Europe back in 2012. It was our longest travel ever and the most tiring but most memorable too. There’s just so much to write about! So since today will be mostly spent on layovers in airports, I can finally have time to write about our European adventure.

I think I planned our honeymoon as early as when we got engaged haha! There’s just so much to see in Europe that I couldn’t decide which destinations will make the cut. Ken gave me the freehand to choose which places we’ll go to and in a heartbeat London was the top of my list but there are other more dream destinations I wanted to see! The original itinerary I made was 10 cities in 4 weeks but seeing it on paper already worn me out lol! And a friend who saw it asked if it was my last chance to see the world because why am I squeezing everything in one visit? Hahaha! So we ended up cutting it short.

It was actually a choice between seeing more places in a short time or spending more time in each place. We decided to go with the latter — spending enough time in each destination so we can enjoy it as leisurely as our schedule permits. We decided to cut the trip a week shorter. Since London was my non-negotiable despite it being a little bit out of the way since it was in the north of France, we decided to do it first via train from Paris. So it was 5 days in London, 2 days in Venice, 4 days in Rome, 7 days in Paris with a day in Versailles, and a day trip to Belgium.

Here’s our long travel itinerary in pictures! The first leg of our journey, from Manila to Singapore to Paris to London 🙂


We love Changi and flying SQ!



Flying via SQ was the best! We got promo tickets at around Php 47k each person and got the first row seats so it allowed us a lot of legroom. Plus, the short stopover from Manila was in Changi which was one of our favorite airports in the world. Everything is clean and there are a lot of shops and places to eat in so it was definitely a good and relaxing trip.


We got promo tickets and got the first row seats with lots of legroom. Not bad!


Preparing to sleep in the plane, tomorrow we wake up in Paris!

Arriving in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was quite the opposite of flying from Changi airport in Sg. The airport was old and dingy, sort of like our NAIA. So my first impression of Paris based on its airport wasn’t so good. But it was our first time just the same so I was pretty excited about everything.


Old CDG airport.



From CDG, we went straight to Gare du Nord Paris which was their international train station. This I like better than their airport. The architecture was nice, there were nice stops for breakfast and a couple of shops around. I like the vibe of the place just like in the movies when people are trying to catch trains going to different destinations. Since this is our first time to actually take a train going to another country and in Europe too, it was pretty much an exciting experience for us — finding the right terminal, going to the platforms, wandering around and a lot more! 🙂


Bonjour! Upon arriving in Charles De Gaulle airport, we headed straight here to Gare Du Nord Paris.


Taking our luggages from one airport/ terminal to another.


Stopping for a quick breakfast at the train station.


What’s your pick?


Oui! Pain au Chocolat of course! 🙂


My first taste of chocolate croissant in Paris or in Europe was at train station haha!




Gare du Nord platforms connecting you to different destinations.



London St Pancras, our destination!


Finally on the train! Our first Europe train experience!


This was mostly our view on the 2-hour train from Paris to London.

I fell in love with London the moment we arrived! Unlike Paris, I was immediately impressed with the architecture, design and vibe of St. Pancras station. I felt like stepping in a scene out of the book of Harry Potter with the old world/ old English feel of the whole place. I just loved everything about it! 🙂


It’s like stepping in Hogwarts!


Look at the pretty facade!


We are in London! Yipeeeee!!!



The underground connecting you to the tube going to the city.

So after 2 flights and a train ride away, we finally got to my ultimate dream destination, my happy place and my favorite city in the world! This ends my post for now as we will be boarding soon. Next to come here in my blog, in a series of posts, will be the London leg of our honeymoon! 🙂

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