Three’s A Charm

Last July 20, we opened our third branch! 🙂 Our third one in a span of 19 months since we launched Early Bird Breakfast Club last January 10,2013. Sometimes, we still can’t believe it ourselves. Feels like yesterday when I was just making my concept deck of how I wanted Early Bird Breakfast Club to be. Yes, aside from writing, I make Powerpoint decks for each time I need to flesh out an idea or concept in my head. I guess old habits never die, having been trained that way from my IMC days in UA&P and then my agency days in Saatchi and media days in GMA. When I have a strong idea in my head, I need it to be as visual and creatively laid out as possible. It’s what inspires me to make it happen exactly how I envision it to be. I even made a Powerpoint for our wedding concept and my pegs! So just like that, I had a deck for Early Bird Breakfast Club.

It was that deck that laid out everything smoothly for us. It was what guided me and Ken from the start in planning our vision for the brand, what we used to present to our friends and get the right partners we needed, what we showed to mall and property developers and brokers to get the space and location requirement we wanted, and a lot more. And it’s what got us a YES every single time.

And sometimes, I still couldn’t believe it. From finding and completing our group of 5 partners consisting of our dearest friends end of 2011, incorporating  the company and building our key team with our chefs in 2012, to opening our flagship branch in the Fort come January 10, 2013. It feels like so much has happened within such a short span of time. We started with 2 key employees back in 2012 and as of today in 2014 our company employee count is already at about 80 people for all three branches.

It hasn’t been easy. There were days when we were starting out that fear and pressure would get to me. I didn’t have any business or restaurateur background at all. But it’s true that all things can really be learned in due time and that experience is the best teacher. And now, looking back, we will always be grateful to God and to everybody who helped us make all these a reality. Building a chain of restaurants no matter how small is a big feat. And we couldn’t be any happier for how Early Bird Breakfast Club has grown in just less than 2 years.

Here’s a 30-sec clip flashback of how it all began 🙂

All our branches share the same sunny, cozy and pretty look and feel that would make breakfast lovers know they’re dining in Early Bird Breakfast Club. But each has its own unique feature and interior design and of course our signature mural will always be an element of surprise for every branch we’ll create.

Early Bird Breakfast Club

The flagship branch at Fort BGC. Photos by: Marj Javier


Designed by Carla Suiza.


Mural by Soleil Ignacio & Kris Abrigo.




Logo light by Lilliana Manahan.


Our friends and partners during the opening.

the team

The team back in 2013.

Our first branch in Fort BGC opened on January 10, 2013. A year after, in February 16, 2014 we opened our second one in Century City Mall Makati.


Our second branch in Century City Mall, Makati. Photos by: Daniel Soriano


Designed and built by Jackie Mitra Bailon.



Mural by Soleil Ignacio & Kris Abrigo.



Alfresco garden area.

And just a couple of weeks ago, on July 20,2014 we opened our third one in Eastwood City Mall.

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-6

Our third one in new Eastwood City Mall. Photos by: Madz Barrido

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-1

Mural by Soleil Ignacio & Kris Abrigo.

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-159

Designed and built by Jackie Mitra Bailon.

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-3

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-157

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-19

With some of the key members of our team.

Early Bird Breakfast Club FINAL-13

They say that Three’s A Charm, and indeed it is! Big thanks to everyone who’ve always helped and supported us since day one! For this year, we’ll keep it to a sweet three before proceeding with the rest of our plans next year! Early Bird Breakfast Club has been our baby project for the last couple of years and so for the next coming months we’ll slow down a bit, grow it further and focus on new exciting offerings! 🙂

For your daily dose of Beautiful Breakfast, Morning, Noon & Night, visit any of our three branches in Fort BGC, Century City Mall Makati and in Eastwood, Quezon City. See you all here! 🙂

restaurant sked

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