Phuket Paradise

It’s July our wedding month. Can’t believe it will be our 2nd year wedding anniversary in the next coming weeks. So for this post, let me take you back to that time when were planning our wedding and we won a free honeymoon!

2 years ago, a few months before our wedding back in 2012, Ken and I won a 3-day honeymoon stay in Phuket from Marriott hotel which was our reception venue. It was our first time to win something and how awesome it was that it was actually a free vacation! So we were pretty excited for this trip and decided to avail of it during the deadline which fell on my 29th birthday that year.

The resort where we were hosted was Renaissance and it remains to be one of the prettiest resorts I’ve been to. I love the interiors, the feel and vibe of the whole place from the lobby, to our room, down to the water gardens where you can have breakfast with soft waterfalls at the background. This resort is just so quaint, pretty and relaxing that you don’t want to leave anymore. It’s too bad we were just there for 3 days but it was a great experience nonetheless. Here are some photos from our amazing free mini-honeymoon in Phuket.

Flew via PAL to Phuket.

Our little home in Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.

The view from our room terrace and balcony.


A walk on the beach.


Sunset selfie.

Dinner by the beach overlooking the sunset.


Sunset in Phuket.


At dusk, the lobby gets lit up and becomes even more romantic! Love this part of the hotel!

The next day we toured the islands and of course went to the famous Ko Phi Phi island where my all-time Hollywood crush Leo shot “The Beach” 🙂 The boat ride going to the islands was quite long and rough so it would kind of make you sea sick but in the end the view was just spectacular and made it all worth it. It’s simply nature at its best and finest! I know that we have this too like in Palawan but I still haven’t had the chance to experience Palawan so during this time in Phuket, we really enjoyed the experience.


A tour boat and the sea and sky.


The handsome husband 🙂


Me and the hub, then newlyweds.


Little boats by the green.


Stopping for snorkeling and some lounging by the beach with our Lagu.

Lush limestones of Phuket.


Boats are dwarfed by these giant boulders that engulf you. Such a beautiful view!


Me between green boulders and amidst the great big blue green sea.


On the boat going around the islands.


Ko Phi Phi


The island where Leonardo Di Caprio shot “The Beach”.

That night we celebrated my birthday with a simple dinner back at the resort. It was also our last night in Phuket.


Birthday dinner with the husband.


My 29th in Phuket, Thailand

The next day, we had our last leisure breakfast in the resort’s beautiful garden. This is my favorite part of the resort. Being a morning person, I really enjoy having breakfast early in the morning while the air is still crisp overlooking a beautiful view. And so I fell in love with this garden pond with small waterfalls, which became one of my pegs for our dream home haha! 🙂 Imagine having breakfast here in this pretty little nook every morning! 🙂

A lovely place to spend your morning, by the garden and the pond.


Greens, greens and greens!

photo 1

Breakfast by the garden 🙂

photo 2

Happy me!

So thank you, Marriott hotel! You will always be special to us not only because we had our wedding reception there but also because of this experience! 🙂

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  1. Wow this is absolutely beautiful.That beach from the movie is amazing. I’ve never thought of travelling to Thailand before but I might have to put it on my bucket list now!

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