Summer at Stilts

Before summer ends, I want to remember our very first beach trip with Elian. It was a quick side trip made for a friend’s wedding but it gave us an opportunity to introduce the beach to him. He was only 14 months then and just started to confidently walk and he immediately loved walking on the sands! I thought he’d find it weird or icky and would refuse to walk but he was okay with it from the start and enjoyed playing with it. At one point he even tried eating it lol!

Stilts in Calatagan Batangas is just a drive away from Manila but a long one at 4-hours each way. It’s our first time here and we were surprised to see that it’s actually a nice resort. Its beach is decent and their sand is the whitest and finest I’ve seen nearest Manila. Of course, it’s no comparison to Boracay, Palawan and the rest of our top beach destinations. But if you want to have a quick getaway where your kids can safely enjoy the beach for a day or an overnight stay, then Stilts is for you. Plus, they have floating cottages which is nice too! We also love the native and close to nature feel of the resorts interiors. We stayed in a beach front villa and just literally went straight to the beach as soon as we woke up. It was a good first experience for Elian!

Here’s my first video using our new toy cam that’s perfect for beach trips!

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