A Year In A Life.

Any first time mom would have a gazillion photo and video of her kid. This is my attempt and my labor of love for E on his birthday. Was supposed to have it done professionally but it’s too hard to go through and compile all his first year vids and photos so I just ended up doing it myself with whatever I can put together in a few days.

Produced by mom. Soundtrack by dad. Some vids shot by his Ninangs.

Something to remember our amazing first year together love! Hope you appreciate this when you’re 8, 18, or 28. As no matter what age you’ll be in, you’ll always be our baby!

We love you always and forever, Elian!

*Super late post but want to share this as inspiration to other DIY moms who like me, loves taking photos and videos of their kids to show them in the future. You can make and edit your own videos with just your iPhone and MacBook. No need for GoPro (but I still wish to own one lol!) or if you need help, send me an email and I’ll edit your videos for you lol! 🙂

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