Oh, Boy!

When I found out we were pregnant, I always kind of thought it would be a girl. I just had that feeling, just like I had a feeling that our first pregnancy 2 years ago was a boy. Ken had a dream a few months before we got pregnant that he was carrying a baby girl who looks exactly like him. And nearing my 12th week, I had a dream that the doctors confirmed we’re having a girl. Plus, our friends and the people around us kept betting that it’s a girl so the first weeks and months of my pregnancy, we were positive we’re having a daughter. I was so excited. I had my daughters names ready since I was 12 lol! Through the years they’ve evolved but I’ve always had a list of my future daughters’ names. Styling and shopping for little girls has always been so much fun and I already got pegs for my little girl, what she’d wear, how we’d design her room, everything!

Then a few weeks ago, I had some ligament pains in my lower abdomen so I had our little one checked. The doctor told me everything is well and asked me if I wanted to find out the gender because it can already be seen. My mom (the stage Noona as always) was there with me and excitedly answered for me “Yes!” I wasn’t ready to find out yet but I was also curious and so the doctor checked and boy what a surprise! I remember my face breaking out into a big smile and had tears in my eyes as the doctor showed the genitals of our little baby boy. It was still a few weeks early than what my OB scheduled but the doc said most likely it’s already confirmed. My mom was so happy and excited. She’s always wanted a boy for us since she saw how we are with my favorite little nephew, Dwayne. I called Ken and shared the good news to him and when he got home we were just so excited about it!

It was such a happy surprise! Even our families were surprised. They all thought I was carrying a girl. My sister already gave me boxes of pamana from my nieces that now I wouldn’t be able to use lol. I guess I just hadn’t experienced the “body changes” some would say about carrying a boy. I still feel the same and I hope it would continue that way for the remaining weeks. But we still wanted to confirm it before we shared the news. I read somewhere that sometimes in the U.S. they mistake the umbilical cord for the baby’s genitalia. Since I just went to a nearby clinic to quickly check on our baby, we waited for the scheduled thorough 2nd-trimester ultrasound and doppler scan from my OB which we’ll have in Cardinal Santos. And so last Monday, it was confirmed! Our little boy was so malikot that the doctor had a hard time measuring his statistics. He kept flashing his little birdie around and showing it off to the world lol! No wonder that all along throughout my previous scans, our little love has been moving around so much with so much energy. It’s because it’s a boy! I remember my sister telling me that for my nieces, the sonographer would sometimes tell her to come back and eat something so that they can see movement from the baby. But for ours, it’s been so malikot ever since!

I’ll always remember when the doctor announced to me and Ken that we’re having a boy. It’s such an emotional moment. Though we already knew, the announcement from the doctor and seeing the “baby boy” printed on the scan just made it so official that we’re having our own. Ken and I never really had preferences for gender. We both just want to have our own kids, have our own family, plain and simple. Through the years when we tried, all we really prayed for was to have healthy children. And that’s what we’ll continue praying for.

This happy surprise of having a boy is another of God’s amazing reminder to me (who’s always been such a planner) that just when you thought you had it all planned, He and only He truly knows. And life is so much more exciting that way! The moment we found out we were having a boy, I immediately fell in love with the thought of having our own little boy. I’ve always wanted to have a boy who looks exactly like Ken. Ever since my nephew Dwayne was born and I experienced how malambing and loving he is to me, I couldn’t wait for the day to have my own who will call me “Mom”.

And now I wonder what next surprise our little love has in store for us, will it look like his dad or his mom? Who will he take after? How is he a bit of me and Ken? I really can’t wait to discover more about our baby boy in the days and months to come! ❤


Oh boy, we’re having a baby boy! ❤


It’s a baby boy!

To end this happy post, we dressed up my nieces and nephew in blue and took some pics at home. We wanted to involve them since these three kiddos, our godchildren, have been like our own. They’ve all been so excited since they found out there’s a new baby on the way!


Hooray it’s a boy! Moky is over the moon to have a baby boy from us!

IMG_8641 IMG_8638 IMG_8632

Dwayne Kyle, my Moky, was born on 2010. At that time I was living in Singapore. On my trips home, I would see him in our house where he lived with his parents along with Mama. He is the first apo, my first pamangkin, the first baby in our family. When I moved back home from Singapore, he was already 6 months old and I would wake up with him beside me. He would be moved to our bed where I slept with my Mom when his parents left early for work. He got so used to seeing me beside him in bed all the time that when Ken and I got married and I was no longer living in our house, he would cry when he couldn’t see me anymore. He became the first baby I learned how to carry, how to put to sleep, how to feed, bathe and everything else. I would bring him or pick him up from school. He would tell me stories about his classmates and when I was on bed rest until now that I’m taking it easy for my pregnancy, he would always be left here at our place after school and we would take afternoon naps together and play just like old times. Ken and I love him like our own. We would take him out even when he was barely 1 year old, without any yaya. We would take him on our own milestones — choosing a church and venues for our wedding, offices for Antidote, apartments, houses, etc. etc. He was such an easy kid and he’s always been so malambing. Now, he’s 5 years old and he’s still as sweet as always. It’s because of him that I discovered that little boys are so much fun and sweet to have and I couldn’t wait to have our own one too!


With Moky love kissing my tummy at 19 weeks!


With Moky and Soleil

Soleil was born 5 days after our wedding. She was the first newborn I saw out. I was there with my sister in the recovery room. I was one of the first who saw her and kissed her. Her age will always be a reminder of how long Ken and I have been married. It is through her that I relive my favorite Disney films, characters, songs that she’s already got memorized perfectly! Her dramatic antics always gets me and Ken cracking up and sometimes I see myself in her too — her OA expressions and funny clingy ways.

Estelle was born 2 days before my birthday last year. I wasn’t there when she was born. We were in the U.S. that time but I loved her the moment I saw her and those big fluffy cheeks of hers. Estelle is a reminder to me that APAS women can also have very easy, uncomplicated, super healthy babies like her.  My sister had APAS with Soleil but with Estelle, that condition did no longer apply. She no longer needed anymore medications throughout her pregnancy. When we moved to our new home, Estelle was only 3 months old and she spent most of her time in our place. When things at their home got noisy because of Soleil, her yaya will bring her to our place for her naps which was like 90% of her days lol.

These three kids very much taught me and Ken a lot of things and prepared us in our own journey to parenthood. They made us laugh when we cried during trying times. They made us forget our troubles when we were waiting for our own. And they triple the happiness and excitement as we now prepare for the coming of our own little one 🙂


My mom, who all the kids fondly call Noona, excitedly dressed up in blue too. It was started by Dwayne who couldn’t pronounce Lola and just decided he wants his Lola to be called Noona. All the other kids followed his lead.


We couldn’t take a decent pic with all of them smiling and looking at the camera.It’s just Moky who’s always happily ready for the cam.



With our little photo bomber. Oh boy, we’re so happy and excited for the coming of our own little boy! 🙂

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