Exploring France Through Food

Paris is a great place to get lost. For each random turn that you make, there is a lot of beautiful things to discover. And with the sightseeing also comes the food-tripping! 😀 This post is dedicated to our food experience during our week in Paris. When I was a kid, all I ever really knew about French food is French fries lol! Yes, we tried that too along with French onion soup when we were in Paris. How very cliché indeed but we did it just to see if there’s any difference to the ones here at home haha!

Growing up, I learned that the best cheese, croissants, crepes and chocolates are from France. And these are all my favorite so I was pretty much excited during our trip. We wanted to try as much as we can. It’s too bad that we missed out on Angelina 😦 as the line was too long and we didn’t have enough time. But for the next time that we’ll visit Paris, we’ll surely try Angelina along with these other favorite spots we discovered!

1) Ladurée – Of course, this is one of my faves! It’s pretty and yummy and I just love it so! We first tried it out during our visit at the Louvre, then in Versailles. I love that each store kind of has it’s own design that matches the theme of the place where it is. Like this one at the Louvre, it matches the museums pyramids.


Laduree Louvre  IMG_3677 IMG_3676


Then on our last day in Paris we decided to check out the big one along Champs Elysees. And that’s where I got some cute and pretty souvenirs and a box of their macaron to bring home to Manila.


Pretty little boxes! 🙂


Yes, it’s this full. The line just goes on and on. There’s a line to dine and a line for take away.


Everything is just so pretty and dainty! ❤


Yummy pastries! If only we could try all.


Macarons in all colors and flavors. These are what we brought home. I want more! ❤


Posing by the pretty window display along Champs Elysees.


Laduree’s design is sooo lovely! ❤


Inside is a little souvenir from my first Laduree experience. A tote bag I still use until today. 🙂

2) Chez Leon — This one we tried first in Belgium when we did a day trip. It really originated there. My sister recommended it and asked us to look for this place when we get to Brussels and luckily we found it. We enjoyed it so much that we were so happy to see there’s actually one nearby our hotel in Saint Germain. We weren’t so happy with most of our meals in Paris as most were quite bland to our taste. And after spending a week in Paris (and being away from home for almost a month) we were really craving for something heavier and tastier. And this hit the spot for us. Ken and I both love seafood and Chez Leon are famous for their bucket of mussels with fries. We got that in Belgium so we tried something different when we dined here in Saint Germain. All their other dishes are really good (not bland yay!) so this is where we celebrated our official last day in Paris. I already forgot the names of what we had but here are some photos and we guarantee everything in the menu is yum.


Chez Leon along Saint Germain

IMG_4183 IMG_4180 IMG_4179 IMG_4185

3) Laurent Dubois — Oh, this is Ken’s happy place and our happy happy discovery! 🙂 One day, we were walking home from Notre Dame and got lost and we came across this Fromager. This cheese shop was quite big and really had quite a number of products that we really enjoyed looking around. Ken and I both love cheeses and so this discovery really got us very excited. We decided to come back here on our last day and make our purchases to bring home with us to Manila.

IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3520

And so on the day that we were flying back to Manila, we headed out to find this shop again. It took us a long time to find it again and we were so lucky we made it right before they closed! Apparently some shops in Paris also close for an afternoon break and we were just able to convince them to sell to us that afternoon. And we were so happppppyyy!!! 🙂


Hello, Laurent!


Dairy heaven!


All kinds of cheese you can think of!


Waahhhh look at this! ❤


Took a shot of this as a guide for next time we go back to find it.


Blocks and blocks of cheeeeeeeese!


Our orders being vacuum packed for Manila!


One happy boy!



IMG_4174 IMG_4176

4) And the rest are for the crepes, chocolates and other discoveries around Paris that we enjoyed for each day that we went around. Most are in the neighborhood where we stayed at along Saint Germain.


This was where we had our first breakfast. This croissanterie is beside our hotel.


Happy with my chocolate croissant!


Walking to Galeries Lafayette, we saw this chocolate shop I couldn’t resist!

IMG_3569 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3575 IMG_3571

These are the finds in our neighborhood. I love that the area where we stayed is alive day or night. The side streets are filled with shops, restaurants, street stalls of flowers, fruits and everything else! You don’t have to go far to find a place to eat, there’s a lot of options around.

IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3582 IMG_3581


This is a good crepe place you’ll see walking from Notre Dame to Saint Chapelle.


Oh look I have a restaurant here in Paris lol!

IMG_3829 IMG_3831 IMG_3838 IMG_3834 IMG_3833 IMG_3832

We also explored Rue Cler for the street market and here’s what we saw. It wasn’t so full yet the time we arrived.


Rue Cler

IMG_3819 IMG_3821

IMG_3822 IMG_3823 IMG_3824

Then there was our date along Champs Elysees. It was a lovely light lunch with the view of the avenue. Ken had an Eggs Benedict while I just had a French onion soup. Their Eggs Ben has nothing on ours at Early Bird Breakfast Club though haha.


Eggs Benedict

IMG_3779 IMG_3777 IMG_3776

And so this ends our food experience in Paris. I know there is still a lot out there we have yet to discover. And I can’t wait to be back! For now, I look back with some pretty photos I took during our walks along Paris.


A beautiful day by the River Seine. Someday we’ll see you again, Paris! ❤



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