Venetian Rendezvouz

This is a continuation of my last post, Viva Venezia. I’ve always been a morning person and I love exploring a new destination early in the morning to see it all in its misty freshest glory. The day before when we arrived, we already went around Venice in the afternoon ’til dusk when the skies get magically lit up by the setting sun and glows a beautiful shade of blue. Then at night, when the buildings start glowing on its own. So on our first morning, I was excited to go out and explore it in broad daylight.

First we started our day finding a place where we can have breakfast and we ended up having pizza and tiramisu haha! Ken vowed to eat as many tiramisu as he can for every meal in Italy, on his quest to find the best one; while I tumbled upon the biggest Nutella I’ve ever seen. This was the first time I saw Nutella this huge and I wanted to take it home. Hee hee hee! 🙂


Nutella bigger than my face, wow!!!


Pizza and tiramisu for a Venetian breakfast!


His first of the many tiramisu he had during our trip.


Early morning walk around Venice.


Imagine living in between canals and crossing bridges to get to your home. Like a scene out of a fairytale.


And riding water taxis to get around. Venice is truly uniquely beautiful. ❤


Gondola! ❤

After breakfast, we went on to see the rest of the sights. In my previous post, I mentioned how I think of Venice as a painting and I realized it’s even more so in the morning! Its colors become more alive and vibrant! One of the main attractions in Venice is the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge and it was just packed with tourists. Everyone just wants to get  here as it also gives you a scenic view of the whole stretch of the city.


The Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge


My panoramic shot of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge.


By the Rialto Bridge


At the Grand Canal ❤

P1100333 P1100329


The Grand Canal serves as their main port where all shipments arrive.


Autumn in Venice


Beautiful blue sky, sea and gondolas ❤

Weather in October is nice as it’s quite cold but the sun is warm and bright. It’s not tiring walking under the sun as it’s cool and breezy. And while we enjoy the sights, being in Italy also means you must of course indulge in honest-to-goodness, authentic Italian food. So our trip was also about food tripping!! 🙂 After a whole morning of exploring, we then headed on to have lunch in a restaurant recommended by our friend David. Turns out there are a lot of Filipinos working here and we were given such good service. Italians are not so friendly. It was one thing we noticed during our stay in Venice and in Rome. So for first time tourists like us, we welcomed the warmth and friendliness of our fellow Filipinos especially as they talked to us about their food, what we would enjoy and where to go afterwards.


Our venue for lunch


So good, fresh and yummy! 🙂


Me and my risotto and fresh OJ


Ken and his carbonara pizza


Happy lunch! 🙂

Dessert was of course tiramisu! Ken really enjoyed seeing different kinds of tiramisu everywhere we go. With all the chocolates and desserts within reach, it’s impossible not to stuff yourself with all kinds of treats you see on the streets haha! It was also cool to see all types of pasta. Literally all kinds of shapes, colors and flavors!


Dessert time! Ken and his true love, the tiramisu! 🙂


So soft, fluffy and yummy!!!


Can’t contain his happiness here in Venice where there’s tiramisu left and right.


Choose what shape and color of pasta you want!


All kinds of random flavor


Fresh pasta!


Take your pick!

We spent the rest of our afternoon back in Piazza San Marco. We went inside Basilica San Marco, played with the pigeons and just sat in one corner and watched the people. It’s these moments we enjoy the most when we don’t have any planned activities but we can just leisurely sit and soak in the vibe and culture of a new destination.


Piazza San Marco during day.


Pigeons at the Piazza.


We rested in one quiet corner of the Palazzo sidewalk and just watched the Piazza.


Palazzo Dulcale, Basilica di San Marco and the Campanile


The Palazzo Ducale

P1100351 P1100358


Outside the Basilica

At dusk, it starts to get cold again and people would go back home to add another layer of clothing. So we decided to head back to our hotel and have early dinner there. Most of the restaurants in Venice have nice alfresco area as the city gets really pretty at night when everything is lighted up and its chilly. We opted to have alfresco dinner too of soup and pasta.


Me and scampi aioli pasta


Vegetable soup


Dessert of course is tiramisu haha!


Since it’s Autumn during our visit, the shops around our hotel are selling really nice blankets and beddings I wanted to take home.


I always had a thing for really nice white beddings!


If our luggage would permit, would have brought home some of these linens lol!

The next morning was our last day in Venice. We would be leaving for Rome in the afternoon. So we started our morning early and dedicated the rest of our time in this city doing some last minute eating and shopping of all the things we wanted to bring home that will still leave our luggage space for the remaining countries in our itinerary. We literally made the most of our time here in this lovely city eating as many gelato and tiramisu and stocking on chocolates!


My last breakfast in Venice was a chocolate croissant.


And Ken’s was tortellini!


Oh nocciola gelato, I love you! ❤


Gelato in Venice. Oh take me back!


Oh the smell of genuine italian leather! Got myself one of these bags as a souvenir for Venice.


Italian chocolate panic buying!


Came across this lovely flower shop


Pretty blooms! ❤


Different shades of pink ❤


Ken’s walking shoes literally gave up from all the walking we did on Venice’s cobblestones streets so he had to get a new pair of shoes here LOL!


And he rewarded himself with another tiramisu! Hahaha!


Our last Venetian selfie before taking the train to Roma.


Thank you for such a lovely time Venice! ❤


Ciao, Venezia! Til we meet again! ❤

When we were planning our Europe honeymoon itinerary, we didn’t really have a lot of expectations about Venice. My sister just told me that it’s a unique place and experience and it truly is. We’re really glad we visited this part of Italy. Its such an interesting and beautiful place and very very different from the other European cities that are big and modern. Visiting Venice takes you back in time and shows you a different kind of world  that one must really experience it on their own. It’s a place I definitely wish to visit again.

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